Foster & Odan Gourmet

 Managing Director

I am Annraoi Blaney, Managing Director at Foster & Odan Gourmet. With over 30 years experience in the Hospitality industry I am highly qualified to achieve great results for my customers.  I am Swiss trained, have extensive hotel operations experience and work experience in all areas of the trade over the years, including large new business start up’s.  Whatever the brief, my services are bespoke, innovative and sustainable.


To provide culinary excellence, operational integrity and a passion
for distinctive customer service – this is what you can expect.


We are a leading provider of catering and provisioning services.  We address a range of needs from hospitals, universities, schools, hotels, restaurant chains, retail and commercial sector including facility management.

Our exposure is international while providing local presence and local employment for each operation.


Our accredited chefs are known for designing and preparing delicious, nutritious and unique menus that meet any specification and delight the customer.
They are also responsible for helping to ensure culinary consistency and top food quality.From menu design through execution and delivery, our passion is giving the customer an exceptional experience.
We offer a range of service levels to meet a range of customer affordabilities – offering economy, nutritional and premium service levels.

"Whatever the brief, my services are bespoke, innovative and sustainable."


Our menus are designed around the needs and wants of our customers. Diverse selections, with balanced dietary requirements.  Respecting the dietary needs and preferences of customers, from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds will enable them to maintain a meaningful connection to the past and a joyful relationship to our food. Our focus is more than just giving balanced diet and alternative menus.  We represent more than simple nourishment.  Food connects people to their homeland, culture, past and family. It is also central to many people's religious observances and practices.

As a global operator key considerations are as follows:

  • We ensure our staff responsible for food preparation are trained and familiar with dietary preferences and culturally determined dietary restrictions of our customers.
  • Our staff are trained in cultural awareness and appropriate communication.
  • We celebrate special occasions with culturally appropriate dishes, and invite families, friends and community members.
  • Our dieticians or nutritionists assist in modifying menus to incorporate culturally appropriate and nutritionally sound meals.
  • We identify and support religious and cultural requirements and preferences concerning diet and food preparation.
  • We conduct assessments and reviews of dietary needs in the preferred local language.
  • Our menus are in the preferred local language.
  • We involve our customers in menu planning.

We have been known to include customers' favourite meals in menu plans – asking the customers and/or family members for recipes and instructions on the correct way to prepare these dishes.

Our customers are involved and take ownership of decision making for greater customer relations and customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.


Our aim is to ensure you have a quality catering service for your staff and customers. We are passionate about quality and operational effectiveness.  Our audits and operational reviews drive improvement and sustained quality in food presentation, food quality, freshness, local organically sourced produce, operational efficiency, waste minimization and financial predictability.


Our bespoke customer satisfaction system is operated independently and provides clear unambiguous reports based on client, end customer, and staff feedback as compared to industry norms and best practices.




The Irish Hospitality Institute

The mission of the Institute is to lead and encourage hospitality professionals to generate knowledge, to take responsibility for their own development and deliver world class service. The Institute is a professional membership body that represents over 1,000 Hospitality Professionals throughout Ireland. Their role is to assist and encourage  members to take responsibility for their own development, to facilitate networking, recognition and career advancement and promote excellence in the Industry.



The Restaurant Association of Ireland

This is a strong lobby group that represent the catering and hospitality industry at Government level on issues of importance to the Irish restaurant economy and industry, particularly in the areas of taxation, licensing, standards, curriculum development both at Irish Government level and also at European Parliament level. The Association now represents in excess of 1,400 members, with establishments representing full service restaurants, coffees shops, hotel restaurants, gastro pubs, golf clubs and cookery schools. It also has over 100 trade partners, businesses that are our approved suppliers of products and services to catering venues and restaurants.

Failte Ireland LOGO.png


Failte Ireland -  The Irish State Tourism Board

Fáilte Ireland is the National Tourism Development Authority. The role is to support the tourism industry and work to sustain Ireland as a high-quality and competitive tourism destination. Fault Ireland provides a range of practical business supports to help tourism businesses better manage and market their products and services.

Fault Ireland also works with other state agencies and representative bodies, at local and national levels, to implement and champion positive and practical strategies that will benefit Irish tourism and the Irish economy.

It promotes Ireland as a holiday destination through a domestic marketing campaign ( and manages a network of nationwide tourist information centres that provide help and advice for visitors to Ireland.


Schiller International University, Switzerland

Schiller International University is a Swiss university that prepares  students, personally and professionally, for future leadership roles in an international setting. The educational process puts particular emphasis on developing international and cross-cultural competencies through foreign language training, intercampus transfer, or other international academic opportunities, and intense interaction among people with diverse backgrounds.

Our Managing Director Mr. Annraoi Blaney lived and was trained here in Switzerland for several years.  While there, he graduated with a bachelor degree in Hotel Operational Management from the university  outside Lucerne.

Annraoi was contracted as Catering Operations consultant for Schiller University in their new campus in Leysin. The brief was to help design and install their new catering facilities for the new college

Annraoi is working at present alongside The Irish Food Board, The Irish Enterprise Board and The Food Academy, launching new food products into the Irish food market, Retail and the Hospitality Industries.


Board Bia - The Irish Food Board

Bord Bia works with the Irish food industry for the market development and promotion of Irish food, drink and horticulture at home and abroad. Bord Bia's mission is to grow the success of a world class Irish food industry by providing strategic market development, promotion and information services


The Irish Enterprise Board

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises and services in world markets. The Board works in partnership with Irish service companies to help them grow, innovate and win international service contracts in global markets. In this way, The Board supports sustainable economic growth, regional development and secure employment.



The Food Academy of Ireland

The Food Academy provides a consistent level of food marketing knowledge to new and early-stage food business owners.

The Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD commented "Food Academy is a unique opportunity for ambitious food entrepreneurs looking to build sustainable businesses. Small food businesses play an important part in Ireland's agri-food sector by enhancing our reputation for dynamic, sustainable, and quality food, as well as providing employment and revenues of €475 million per annum. The programme will support participants from the challenging initial phases through to business development plans to assist with future planning. The combination of expertise from both the commercial and marketing will give invaluable insight for the companies involved and is an important step in the cultivation of small food businesses."