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An Overview of Foster & Odan Recruitment
On-Boarding and Outplacement Services

We Don’t Just send CV’s, we Recruit !

Foster & Odan Recruitment offers global recruitment (permanent and contract) and medical workforce solutions as required.

Focused on expatriate medical staff

Our Health Sector group specializes in international recruitment and placements of expat medical staff. Using the same proven methodologies as the parent group, our specialized medical recruitment team of well qualified and experienced medical and recruitment professionals are experts in their fields.

We provide a worldwide recruitment service for hospitals and medical groups. We are able to source staff for you from anywhere in the world. We understand the details of the medical facilities process and the requirements to deliver the best suitable candidates for the vacancies you need to fill.

We are focused on helping you increase your operating performance through our commitment to supply professional, experienced and suitable staff for each position.

What we look for when searching for the right candidate for you:

  • Exceptional individuals from a wide range of healthcare professionals including surgeons, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and radiographers
  • Highly skilled, committed, well-motivated healthcare professionals who meet your needs
  • Innovative and energetic healthcare professionals who understand the needs of patients and who can effectively manage a complex portfolio of activities
  • An established track record that delivers service consistent with the concept of promoting high standards of professional practice
  • Dynamic healthcare professionals who welcome the exciting and challenging opportunity to be involved in other healthcare systems

We welcome qualified and experienced international medical staff interested to work in an expatriate position to contact us for placement advice:

  • We will assist with organizing your medical registration, work visa, and Medical Credentialing

  •  We will assist with specifying the relevant data that will serve as the basis for decisions regarding credentialing and privileging. Current licensure, education, training or experience, current competence, and ability to perform the clinical privilege


Job Descriptions, Interviewing and On-Boarding

We can provide a complete end-to-end service that comprises all, or some, of the following:

  • Write (technical and behavioural) competency based job descriptions
  • Advertise the roles
  • Prepare information kit for prospective recruits
  • Source Candidates
  • Sifting CV’s
  • Screen candidates to create short list for presentation to client
  • Arrange travel / interviews / visits to work location
  • Preparation of 1:1 and panel interview questions
  • Conducting interviews
  • Conduct psychometric testing
  • Manage candidate feedback
  • Arrange follow-up interviews
  • Receive and check references 
  • Offer management and provision of final offer
  • Facilitate candidate decision making
  • Preparing employee contracts 
  • New hire on-boarding during the probationary period
  • Continuous client liaison.

Foster & Odan Recruitment has true international candidate attraction. Since 2013 we have placed candidates from over 100 countries into more than 50 organizations across Europe and the Middle East. The best people, anywhere, for our clients.

Foster & Odan Recruitment is a service driven organization focused on helping our clients identify, engage and manage a strong, talented workforce. We recruit as part of change projects or our clients often outsource their entire recruitment research to us.

We give clients access to talented individuals by ‘hunting’ in the passive job market. We’re one of the largest users of professional social media in EMEACIS today. By leveraging this strategic advantage, as well as utilizing our database, we ensure that the best people to drive our clients’ businesses forward is within your reach.

Our Sourcing Approach

For every role we receive our consultants create a shortlist of talent for pre-screening. We source over 42% of all placed candidates via the closed or “passive candidate” market. These are extensive on and offline networks that span across EMEACIS. Our in-house database contains 000’s of multilingual candidates and grows daily. We use multiple, fully paid online databases and advertising websites. Our consultants are avid users of the social networks relevant to the region in which they are recruiting.

10% of candidates we placed in 2015 were recommended to us by our clients and candidates.
42% of our candidates are sourced from the closed market, i.e. headhunting, from our database and from referrals.

Shortlist Pre-Screening

At Foster & Odan Recruitment we pride ourselves on having an in-depth knowledge of each of our clients. As a result, we are able to source the perfect candidate in terms of skills, experience and cultural fit. Our clients value this approach because they know that every candidate we present will be of the right caliber to meet their staffing requirements.


  • Along with the CV, our clients also receive the following candidate information:
  • Current and expected salary
  • Reasons for wanting to join a new business and move on from their current role
  • Review of their technical qualifications and previous experience
  • Alignment with our client’s competencies
  • Alignment ‘fit’ with our client’s culture

Feedback and Interview Management

1:3 For every 3 interviews we arrange, statistically we make one placement. This is a testament of our skills at matching the perfect candidate with their ideal employer. 

When our client chooses to proceed to interview stage our typical approach then is:

  • Agree, time and location of the interview
  • Arrange and conduct any psychometric tests
  • Brief the candidate on the objectives of the interview
  • Ensure candidates are fully aware of the role responsibilities and the benefits of working with the client
  • Prepare sample 1:1 or panel interview questions for the client
  • Interview de-briefing: We aim to de-brief with the candidate straight after interview to gain a thorough understanding of their thoughts and their feedback

Our clients will receive the following support should an interview be successful:

Offer Management:

In most cases we will obtain the offer details from the client and gain a verbal commitment from the candidate.

Reference Checking:

The responsibility of obtaining references may be shared between us and our client. If Foster & Odan is solely responsible, we will complete this process quickly and efficiently.

3-6 Months After Start:

The time between an offer being accepted and the start date for a new candidate is a time where outside influences can affect their decision. We will continue to communicate with the candidate to ensure they are happy with the process and still keen to proceed.

Candidate On-Boarding Service

Foster & Odan also offers a complete candidate on-boarding or induction service. We typically deliver a program that consists of up to eight modules or "sessions". This is designed to prepare candidates to operate effectively in the client’s business culture. By attending this in-house program, new recruits can decrease their learning curve by receiving instruction about core performance and behavioral requirements.

These core requirements include a need to possess knowledge, skills and abilities in areas related to the client’s culture; its mission, core values and core competencies; the structure and organization of the business, products and services; and, the tools and systems in place to support job performance. We can, also, prepare a module to inform recruits about their respective performance expectations to succeed in their jobs.

Outplace Service

Foster & Odan Recruitment provides an outplacement service to our clients that is totally bespoke and tailored to individual needs.

Our service includes:

  • An objective appraisal of career options which could include career advancement, career change, interim, contracting or self-employment.
  • Unlimited face to face support with a dedicated consultant to drive your campaign forward.
  • Access to the advertised and unadvertised job market through proactive marketing of you to the recruitment community and corporates.
  • A comprehensive support package encompassing all the resources required to secure a successful outcome.

How We Work

Our outplacement service often comprises a creative blend of consulting, coaching and training. A highly personal service, we provide support and advice until candidates find a new job.

Our Methodology


Managing Change

Our service begins with diagnostic discussions. We assess how individuals are dealing with the emotional aspects of changing their job. Are they emotionally prepared to approach the job market?

We tailor support to suit each individual’s learning style, preferences and stages of reaching their given career goal. Individuals are offered an opportunity to assess their career to date in a way they have rarely had the opportunity to do previously.


We check skill levels and if there is a gap, determine its magnitude, investigate the causes and show how to close it. Using psychometric testing, we assess their skills, personal values and career drivers. This allows individuals to understand, in detail, what it is they can offer to a future employer. Only then do we determine the optimum approach to securing a new job.

Identifying Next Career Options

Individuals now apply their learning in the self-assessment phase to the job market. They identify, given their skills and values, the roles that best suits them, their preferred organization size, team, salary levels, full or part time options, and of course the nature of the work that is ideal for them.

Job Search Skills

Once individuals have a sense of the job they will look for, Foster & Odan Recruitment provides job search skills necessary to secure a position. Coaching and training is provided in:

  • CV writing
  • Interview skills
  • Posting a CV on the internet
  • Optimizing social media (LinkedIn etc.)
  • Searching for jobs
  • Writing job applications
  • Using personal networks to access the hidden job market

Action Planning

Foster & Odan Recruitment provides continued assistance and support as the job search is carried out. We review activity levels and how effective the efforts are. Support with motivation and time management may be offered here.

About Foster & Odan Recruitment

We go beyond consulting to partner in transformation, growth and organizational effectiveness.

Foster & Odan Recruitment is an international consultancy, working in all business sectors, comprised of highly skilled executives with IT Technology and Behavioral expertise. Our Associates come from successful careers in companies like Shell, Exxon, BP, Reliance Industries Limited (India), Imperial Chemical Industries (UK) and Canadian Pacific Limited (Canada). They possess specialist skills in specific practices or industries from Board level down, bringing yet deeper expertise to a client engagement.

We work closely with our clients, often on their premises, using a collaborative approach with a strong infrastructure of support. Many of our projects and bespoke programmes become a creative blend of consulting, training and coaching that use advanced systems or processes and the right culture, skill set and motivation to gain extremely high levels of sustainable operational performance improvement.

Working with us is easy. We understand our clients’ business needs, cutting through the hype or jargon to deliver best solutions.

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