Support organisations who implement the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) to keep their business afloat by creating a ‘Safe Space’ for stakeholders to handle difficult conversations and to put things right.


Facilitators for safely addressing UN Guiding Principles and ethical or audited business issues on human rights that leads to saving retailers brand reputation and the sustainable livelihood of suppliers’/growers businesses and their communities.


  • Company headquartered in Rutland
  • Experts available internationally
  • Possible membership model
  • Funding criteria to be decided


  • Manage difficult conversations based on mediation and proactive resolution best practices
  • Commitment to aligned communications/actions amongst all stakeholders
  • Highly experienced, skilled and practical mediators, facilitators, consultants and trainers
  • Cost and reputation advantage for stakeholders
  • Pragmatic mediators and training/process consulting tailored and scaled to stakeholder needs.
  • Provide stakeholders with on-going support
  • Control, assurance and audit by stakeholders not Safe Space
  • International focus using local language


We enable our clients to proactively manage existing relationships and issues more effectively and take their business to assured levels of performance, delivering sustained reputation, on a scale and speed they might not be able to achieve on their own. After all, what’s the price of not doing what’s agreed in in initial contracts? How, too, can retailers use suppliers as a source of information?


  • Ethical Trading Initiative
  • CEDR
  • Sedex
  • Sterling Development International


  • Equalise power between retailers and suppliers i.e. ensure retailers do not ‘weaponise’ audits and use them to reduce prices and threaten.
  • Get retailers and suppliers talking is a safe space without fear to proactively address issues
  • Align stakeholder objectives with ETI’s base code
  • Provide advice on managing and implementing improvements to meet ETI objectives
  • Implementing solutions to guarantee EIT audits by aligning management with ETI performance indicators
  • Agree action plans (and follow-up) that aligns stakeholders’ business with ETI base code priorities and needs
  • Instil, collaboratively, the behavioural and process changes necessary for sustained improvement (as and if required)
  • Detects hidden practices or issues not addressed or audited
  • Create an ‘ethical consortium’ or a collaborative group of suppliers to publish crisis management process ideas to the industry so that suppliers/retailers proactively know the crisis management steps to take
  • Provide training in slavery, managing risk assessment etc.


  • Survival Management
  • Brand and reputation management
  • Business modernisation and implementing standards
  • Business innovation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transformation and culture change
  • Strategy alignment and planning
  • Contract assurance


We work with our clients on their premises (or in a neutral space) using a common methodology, collaborative approach and a strong infrastructure of support. Our interventions are bespoke and can use a creative blend of mediation, facilitation, coaching, consulting and/or training.


 Our facilitators have considerable prior practical experience gained in the retail, agriculturaland supply chain sectors. They possess specialist skills in facilitation and mediation, coaching,or business improvement practices at all hierarchical levels, bringing yet deeper expertise toa client engagement.

Safe Space Limited

74 High Street, Ketton, Rutland PE9 3T
Telephone: +44 (0)7730 697161 or +44 (0)7841 576982