Sterling Development International Limited


 Achieving business advantage, challenging established thinking, unlocking insights.


Beyond consulting and training; partner for transformation, growth and organisational effectiveness.


  • International company headquartered in London
  • Operating globally with local presence as required
  • Experts located globally; back office delivery located in Ukraine


  • International focus
  • Highly skilled and experienced experts; no juniors, no trainees
  • Low overheads translate into cost advantage for clients
  • Pragmatic consultant trainers tailored and scaled to client needs
  • Knowledge transfer to clients and skills development
  • Technology translated to practical business terms


Delivering business change, process, systems, infrastructure
and organisations for competitive advantage.


  • Difficult transformational projects based on SAP business practices
  •  Globalisation and process standardisation across the enterprise
  •  Process improvement
  • Management control, assurance and audit
  • Complex programme and project management


  • Aligning business strategy and team objectives with IT, processes and systems
  • Assessing existing IT & data quality performance
  • Advice on sourcing, contracting and managing suppliers
  • Implementing latest cyber and information security protection
  • Designing and digitising management control systems with focus on key performance indicators
  • Assessing existing IT and data quality performance
  • Implementing The Internet of Things
  • Development of Mobile Applications
  • Cost effective, reliable and secure infrastructure operations
  • Benchmarking
  • Smart manufacturing, metering and monitoring
  • Technology Management
  • Operations control and Automation
  • Big Data/Analytics


  • Architecting HR strategies that aligns people with business priorities and organisational needs
  • Instilling the behavioural change and competencies necessary for sustained improvement
  • Interim Management
  • Professional development at all hierarchical levels
  • Education and Skills Development
  • Recruitment
  • Competency Management


  • Cost Reduction
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Mergers & Acquisition (M&A), Divestitures
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Pricing
  • Transformation
  • Strategy Alignment and Planning
  • Sourcing, outsourcing, contracting and managing suppliers
  • Sector experience – Government, Energy, Education, Medical, Telecommunications, Retail


As consultants, we work with our clients on their premises using a common methodology, collaborative approach and a strong infrastructure of support. Many of our projects and bespoke development programmes become a creative blend of consulting, training and coaching that deliver advanced systems or processes and the right culture, skill set and motivation to gain extremely high levels of sustainable operational performance improvement.
As trainers, we provide skills and tools (processes) and materials that are delivered, using a phased approach, that is applied in the workplace. Our training is accredited.  


We enable our clients to use their existing assets more effectively and take their business/ people to new levels of performance, delivering results on a scale and speed an organization would not be able to achieve on its own.


Our experts have considerable prior practical experience gained in industry or consulting. They possess specialist skills in specific practices or industries at Board level, bringing yet deeper expertise to a client engagement.


  • MLS College, Bournemouth (Education)
  • Business and Computing Examinations Limited (Education)
  • Kiev national Economic University


  • CIO International Limited (IT)
  • Talent Expertise International (Recruitment)
  • Baltic Management Institute (Business School)

Sterling Development International Limited

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London WC1H 8HW

Telephone: +44 20 7193 2178
Mobile: +44 7711 290457