Ukraine Management Institute



Your partner for transformational growth and organisational effectiveness.


We help leaders, managers and professionals deliver Ukraine’s EU Integration Strategy by training them how to implement world class business performance and Information Technology to deliver transformation, growth and organisational effectiveness.


Help our clients achieve business advantage and employment growth by challenging established thinking and unlocking practical insights in skills, process and systems that deliver immediate results.


  • Government
  • Business
  • Professional organisations
  • Prospective leaders (MBA students etc.)
  • Individuals


We enable our clients to use their existing assets more effectively and take their business/ people to new levels of performance, delivering results on a scale and speed an organization would not be able to achieve on its own.


Our experts have considerable prior practical experience gained in industry or consulting. They possess specialist skills in specific practices or industries at Board level, bringing yet deeper expertise to a client engagement.


  • International Centre headquartered in Kiev and London
  • Operating throughout Ukraine
  • Experts located in Kiev and visiting faculty from elsewhere
  • Back office delivery located in Ukraine
  • A membership organisation that reflects a spectrum of Ukraine industry, from the smallest micro-organisations to the largest multinationals.
  • Pioneer the development of executive education in Ukraine.
  • Executives/civil servants attend developmental programmes at UMC annually, ranging from NFQ level 9 Masters and Diploma qualifications to practical sequential training or one and two-day master classes.
  • A “business partner” for organisations that are looking to align comprehensive learning and development strategies to support the execution of Ukraine's 2020 and business growth strategies.
  • Common to all UMC programmes is the translation of best practice to real-world solutions for practising managers.


  • Engineering
  • Financial Services, Commodities and Insurance
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail
  • Transport
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Utilities
  • Law, Accountancy and Architectural Firms


  • Help seasoned CEOs and executives review and refine their leadership capability, impact and legacy
  • Enable technical experts – such as civil servants, corporate managers, bankers, lawyers and insurance underwriters – to become as professional in leading as they are in their specialist fields
  • We produce confident, competent leaders, managers and employees to improve the performance and sustainability of their organisations
  • Design and deliver practical, results-focused development consulting projects and training programmes that connect individual aspirations to business needs.
  • Formation of business strategy and buy-in
  • Faster, more compelling decision-making and communication
  • Implementing business strategy and generating alignment across departments and businesses with customer needs
  • Developing organisational culture to fulfil strategy
  • Delivering improved and aligned organisational structures, processes and (IT/other) systems
  • Raising confidence, morale, performance, motivation and competence
  • Improving internal collaboration and cohesion
  • Generating higher customer reputation and shareholder satisfaction


  • Getting business control and value from Information Technology
  • Supplier Management and Outsourcing
  • Aligning IT with strategy, planning and objectives
  • Upstream Oil & Gas computing
  • IT Cost reduction and optimisation


  • Influencing the Board and senior executives towards buy-in to new ideas
  • Defining and refining HR strategies and policies
  • Building organisational climate, environment and morale
  • Building performance measurement and management systems and processes
  • Competence assessment
  • Psychometric testing, analysis and evaluation (clients, employees, corporate culture)
  • Designing HR processes for recruitment, induction, succession and talent management


  • National focus: help Ukraine implement its EU 2020 strategy
  • Highly skilled and experienced international experts
  • Low overheads translate into cost advantage for clients
  • Train local staff to be consultants and experts using Ukrainian and Russian language
  • Pragmatic consulting, training and coaching tailored and scaled to client needs
  • Knowledge and process transfer to clients and skills development
  • Technology translated to practical business terms


What: Our services identify, plan and deliver specific business improvements.
Scope: Our clients choose where they believe most value can be achieved from:

  • Leadership, organisational culture, behaviours - is there strong alignment across
  • the organisation to support sustained improvement and corporate vision and values?
  • Does the Board, Human Resources, Learning and Development, IT policies, strategies
  • and programmes help or hinder?
  • Technology - is the organisation exploiting IT technology, telecommunications and data
  • quality techniques to full advantage? 
  • Processes - are they efficient and effective in supporting strategies?
  • Customers - are the right processes/programmes in place to ensure great satisfaction levels and support of your business objectives?
  • Suppliers - how effective is sourcing, contracting and supplier management?
  • Competencies - are the right staff deployed to best advantage? Are competencies
  • defined by job and are staff skills assessed?  Does training close gaps?
  • Culture - are (ethical) behaviours understood and standards followed?
  • Delivering business change, process, systems, infrastructure and organisations for competitive advantage.



  • Difficult transformational projects based on SAP business practices
  • Globalisation and EU process standardisation across the enterprise
  • Process improvement
  • Management control, assurance and audit
  • Complex programme and project management


  • Aligning business strategy and team objectives with IT, processes and systems
  • Assessing existing IT & data quality performance
  • Advice on sourcing, contracting and managing suppliers
  • Implementing latest cyber and information security protection
  • Designing and digitising management control systems with focus on key performance indicators
  • Assessing existing IT and data quality performance
  • Implementing The Internet of Things
  • Development of Mobile Applications
  • Cost effective, reliable and secure infrastructure operations
  • Benchmarking
  • Smart manufacturing, metering and monitoring
  • Technology Management
  • Operations control and Automation
  • Big Data/Analytics


  • Architecting an HR strategy that aligns people with business priorities and organisational needs
  • Instilling the behavioural change (intercultural and cross cultural) competencies (intercultural and cross cultural) necessary for sustained improvement
  • Interim Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Education and Skills Development
  • Recruitment
  • Competency Management


  • Cost Management
  • Business optimisation and implementing standards
  • Digitisation
  • Business innovation
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Mergers & Acquisition (M&A), Divestitures
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Pricing
  • Transformation and culture change
  • Strategy alignment and planning
  • Sourcing, outsourcing and managing suppliers
  • Contract drafting (EU contract law and international economic law)
  • International trade and exporting
  • Sales and marketing
  • Managing Intellectual property (IP)


  • We work with our clients on our or their premises using a common methodology, collaborative approach and a strong infrastructure of support.
  • Many of our public training programmes are delivered at KNEU using a sequential structure to allow application in the workplace
  • Many of our projects are bespoke in-house development programmes that become a creative blend of consulting, training and coaching that deliver advanced systems or processes and the right culture, skill set and motivation to gain extremely high levels of sustainable operational performance improvement.
  • Our training is accredited.  


Using a creative blend of consulting, interim management, training and coaching we work collaboratively with our clients taking them through a five phased approach.

  1. Initiation: during this initial client discussion phase we help you validate an appropriate scope, then help create the team, establish a project charter (scope, objectives, deliverables, resources, outline schedule, cost estimates, etc.), determine preliminary cost estimates and outline the business case.
  2. Assessment: working within the scope agreed during Initiation, we apply our proprietary assessment model and gather data to identify the key opportunities for improvement. These are presented and reviewed with your team and set the stage for the next phase.
  3. Solutioning, Execution Planning, Recommendations: this phase develops a menu of recommendations to deliver improvements along with comprehensive implementation plans, including resourcing with named individuals from UMC, client’s team, costing, scheduling, risk assessments, mitigations and business cases for approval. This culminates in formal report and presentation to your organization’s sponsor.
  4. Final investment decision: our client makes the decision whether to pursue specific improvement opportunities. 
  5. Improvement project implementations: we mobilise and deliver your chosen improvement projects. Regular meetings are held throughout this delivery phase where we mutually monitor progress, steer project decisions, and approvals etc. We work as quickly and decisively in agreement with the client, at their chosen implementation speed and agreed schedule. A close out report is produced at the end and presented to your organization’s sponsor.


  • Irish Management Institute (Education)
  • altic Management Institute (Education)
  • CIO International Limited (IT)

Ukraine Management Institute

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