Our Values

Foster & Odan Group places a lot of emphasis on how we conduct our business.
We have a strong value system to which we are aligned in letter and spirit.


At the individual level, all our workers are expected to be aligned to these values. Our Values are reflected in our actions and these are captured in Our Behaviors.



  • We will demonstrate a proactive “Customer First” and a “Customer Delight” mind-set consistently.
  • We will actively listen to customer inputs to continuously improve our products, services and the customer experience.
  • We will work proactively and go the extra mile to perpetually nurture and grow all our customer relationships.
  • To delight our end customers best, we will serve our internal customers, equally well. 


  • We will prioritize and always align our work keeping the larger purpose of the group in mind.
  • We will operate with a personal stake and an ownership mindset and ‘play to win’.
  • We will always remain agile and anticipate what will make a difference to our stakeholders tomorrow and make it happen with speed.
  • We will always commit to the highest standards of safety and environment.
  • We will conduct ourselves to ensure highest standards of corporate citizenship.


  • Individually and collectively we will conduct ourselves with respect and humilit
  • We will uphold the self-esteem and dignity of each other by creating an open culture conducive for expression of views and ideas, irrespective of hierarchy.
  • We will express ourselves honestly but without disrespecting the sentiments of others.
  • We believe in being inclusive in our thinking and doing, we recognize that differences of perspectives are natural and must be acknowledged.
  •  We will foster an inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. 


  • We will earn confidence and trust through principled leadership, fairness and humility at all times.
  • We believe in integrity of thought and action and adhere to the Foster & Odan Group Code of Conduct and all relevant laws of the land.
  • We believe in building a spirit of trust with all our stakeholders.
  • We will speak up if we see something that conflicts with the values of the company.
  • We will have the courage to stand up for what is right and surface issues early. 


  • ‘Team Foster & Odan’ comes before me, always and every time.
  • We collaborate seamlessly, seeking and offering help as “One Team, One Vision”.
  • We take accountability for our own actions and also that of our team.
  • We recognize and acknowledge the contribution of other colleagues and celebrate wins as a team.
  • We look beyond our own immediate roles and take ownership of the larger outcome.


  • We believe in excellence in everything we think, say and do.
  • We will not create, accept or pass on anything that is mediocre.
  • We will accept responsibility – learn and improve, not rationalize and explain, using the “Plan, Do, Check and Act” principle.
  • We will hold each other accountable to delivering excellence.
  • We will always be ‘outside in’ and raise the bar for excellence, learning from external benchmarks globally.